Thursday, June 24, 2004


Well now folks, this is my first Blog entry so its not really all that much but I figured a self introduction will do. I'm Laserkid, a longtime net denizen, from WBS Chat back in 1996, to's the Loudhouse and NSIDER of 1997, to the Delphiforums community in 1998, to the Daizenshuu EX (DBZ community) in 2000, or the IS community that I've been in since 1997 - I've been all over the place. You can usually find me in video game (especially if its Mega Man related) circles, or anime circles (especially Dragon Ball/Z related), or writing places (delphiforums). So with that out of the way, whats on my mind right now? Well nothing that I'd care to capture, friends fighting and all that stupid jazz. Anyway its not much but its just an introduction, I promise tha other installments will have more content to them.

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Arxane said...

Hey, and welcome to the world of blogging. I'm sure you'll have a blast. And I'm glad ya liked my little rant on that stupid article on fansubs. Hope to see ya around.